what causes acne…???


what causes acne

The problem of acne is of the problems that cause concern for girls in young adulthood, because of the appearance of pimples that makes them feel embarrassed and dissatisfied with personal appearance. Acne is classified as a chronic skin disease, an inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, spreading in areas of the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders. One of the main symptoms of acne spread is blackheads, pimples, cysts fatty (sebaceous), which leave marks and scars in the skin when tampered with.   what causes acne

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But why does acne appear ?

There are many reasons for the spread of acne, including :

1 – hormonal disorders that cause increased activity of the sebaceous glands.

2 – anxiety and high tension.

3 – Use of shoddy cosmetic powders, which cause the closure of pores of the skin as a result of the accumulation of bacteria

4 – The use of Contraceptive pills that contain the androgen hormone or male hormones.

5 –  eating habits and irregular hours of eating.

6 – Excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugars, fried and fatty foods.

7 – Chronic constipation, which causes increase of toxic substances in the blood, making the skin exert greater effort to get rid of these toxic substances, which results in the appearance of acne and other skin diseases.

8 – Poisoning as a result of skin health habits and carelessness personal hygiene.

9- Excessive consumption of caffeine-rich beverages such as tea, coffee, soda water, as well as alcohol consumption, smoking.

10- Lack of exercise and sports activities.

11- Genetic factors inhereted from parents

what causes acne

⊙ Food and skin problems

To be sure, the diet has a direct impact on the appearance of the skin, there are foods that provide the freshness and vitality of the skin and other foods that may contribute to your skin problems such as acne and premature wrinkles, how ever they are not the main factor of them.  what causes acne

1. Sugar

A diet rich in sugar harms your skin, Sugar causes cracking of collagen, which gives skin its elasticity. With the collapse of collagen, the skin loses its elasticity and causes wrinkles faster than usual.    what causes acne 

2. Bread

White bread in particular, causes rise in blood sugar levels, which has the same effect as the adding sugar in the diet. Brown bread is better and less harmful than white bread, but stay away from all types of bread if possible.   what causes acne

3. Canned Foods 

These foods usually contain high levels of salt which causes the absorption of water from the skin, leading to dry skin. Therefore, it is preferred to stay completely away from these kinds of foods.  what causes acne

4. Milk

Dairy is one of the high acidity of foods that cause allergic reactions to the skin for a lot of people, such as increased acne. Therefore, if you suffer from acne outbreaks of your skin, try to stay away from dairy products for a week or so, and Observe the difference. If you find an improvement in your skin Replace milk with plain soy milk, coconut milk or almond milk.  what causes acne

5. snacks

Snacks such as cookies, ice cream, potato chips, contain processed fats and hydrogenated oils in addition to white sugar or high amounts of salt. All of these substances directly affect your skin and increase the appearance of pimples and premature wrinkles.  what causes acne

6. Fast Food

Fast food leads to major consequences on your skin. These meals contain large amounts of unsaturated fat, saturated fat, preservatives, dyes, salt, sugar, stabilizers, taste, and a host of chemicals that clog pores and cause damage to skin cells.  what causes acne

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Make sure to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water while minimizing the preceding foods ensure the freshness and health of your skin.

More information about causes of acne…

1. Soap

Soap may be the reason for the appearance of acne on your skin without you knowing, failure to wash skin well from soap could cause acne, so make sure to wash your skin with water well to get rid of soap residue after use.  what causes acne

2. Glasses

Curious to know that glasses and sunglasses may be the cause of the appearance of acne, glasses contribute to the formation of fungus and bacteria that cause acne, so clean the glasses with a wet tissue each period to avoid acne.  what causes acne

3. Usage of smartphone

Scientific studies have shown that the surface of a smart phone has a large amount of bacteria that can cause acne when the phone touches your skin, so to protect your skin against the dangers of parasites spreading on your screen, wipe it with a wet tissue regularly.  what causes acne

4. Pillowcases


A scientific study published in “Baruko” Germany proved that cushion covers may be the cause of transmission of parasites that cause acne, so. Change pillowcases regularly to enjoy fresh skin and free from annoying acne.   what causes acne


5. pharmaceutical

Acne treatment with medications
Acne treatment with medications To prevent and cure acne

Some antibiotics and medicines that contain cortisone and some nerve drugs contain substances that help in the emergence of acne, so if in case you take such drugs, check with a doctor to make sure that the medication has no effect on your skin.


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Now to the treatment of acne

Those two methods were proven to be really good in curing acne

1.  Salt and water

Salt and water

Add a teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water and wash your face with it for 5 minutes twice a day, warm water opens the poores of the skin and table salt helps to purify the skin of spots as it dries the effects of acne.



2. Yeast powder, milk, and honey

what causes acne
what causes acne

A natural mixture of yeast powder, milk, and honey is really effective to get rid of acne is just mixs milk and honey in equal amounts with some yeast powder and blended until they are well mixed spread in on your face 10-15 mins then wash you face with cold water. Then use some rose water to moisturize the skin. For best results, work a steam bath on your face before putting the mixture, this will help open the pores so that the mixtures goes as deep as possible in the skin.

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