Causes for adult acne and some simple treatments for it


Adult acne is a skin disease that is characterized by the appearance of acne and pimples on the skin. This disease usually appears on the face, chest, back and the neck. In the past, it has been seen as a curse for teenagers who eat hamburgers and drink Pepsi or cola, but acne infects many adults as well.


Causes for adult acne:


Hormonal changes:

It is caused by the imbalance of hormones in the body, and this is common between adolescents as a result of increasing the proportion of androgen in fat. Many girls suffer from this problem at times of the menstrual cycle, while women suffer from it during pregnancy.


Eating too much of fatty food:

These fats accumulate into the sebaceous glands in the human body, producing oils that result in acne. Then, it began to spread in the whole body.


Taking medicines that are rich in androgen:

It is considered one of the main causes for adult acne in many areas of the body.


The use of creams and oils that contain chemicals:

These products are not suitable for the skin and do not help in removing acne; but they support the sebaceous by fatty secretions. This leads to the increasing of the problem of acne, and also causes deep scars on the face. They cannot be easily treated and they need a specialist.


Genetic factors:

Sometimes the problem of adult acne occurs as a result of genetic factors that move from parents to children.


Some simple treatments for adult acne:

1. Returning to origin:

The main key to the treatment of acne is to stop the habits that cause the appearance of acne as it may occur due to unhealthy eating habits or neglecting cleanness of the skin. You should never press the affected areas with your fingers as this habit makes it worse and leaves traces.


2. Drinking water:

Water can be the treatment of adult acne, so you should not drink less than 8 glasses of water a day. It will give a good moisturizing to your skin and also helps to get rid of the harmful substances and reducing the effect of pollution on your skin. It is better to add some drops of lemon on a glass of water and drink it without sugar. Or you can apply lemon peel on your skin as a mask for 3 days to treat acne.

3. Proper diet:

Skin needs to get rid of dead cells, so the skin needs healthy nourishment from inside. By this way you will notice a faster change and a good result on your skin. Therefore, your diet should include fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin A. Also, it’s advisable to add a lot of vegetables in your dish of salad.


4. Fresh juice:

You should always drink lots of fresh juices, especially carrot juice, which contains beta carotene as it is very important for giving you vitamin A. Also it is important to drink fruit juices that contain vitamin B6 because of its ability to help you in avoiding premenstrual effects on the skin.

5. Face masks:

Baking Soda, for instance, has a wonderful effect in removing bacteria and absorbing lots of the oils that causes adult acne on the skin. You can make a mask consisting of some baking soda with some water and leave it on your skin for 10 minutes. Then, wash your skin thoroughly with water and you will notice the difference directly.

6. Nuts:

Eating nuts helps to treat adult acne such as Brazilian nuts. It contains lots of sodium and zinc. Studies have shown that they help to renew the skin.


7. Exercise:

We always emphasize the importance for practicing exercises in many health problems. It is the solution to a better health. In addition, it is also one of the solutions that help you maintain your skin freshness and resist the signs of aging.

8. Good sleep:

You must maintain a fixed number of sleeping hours every day which should not be less than 6 hours of sleep without disturbances. This makes your skin more fresh and more comfortable.


9. Natural products:

The moment you choose pharmaceutical products to treat adult acne you should know that they may not work so do not be disappointed. You should try to choose the suitable products for your skin and try to use products that contain natural ingredients in order not to cause damage for your skin.


10. Aloe Vera:

Use Aloe Vera gel for treating adult acne. It works as an anti-bacterial and it purifies the skin from the bottom, so it is an effective treatment for skin problems.

How to avoid adult acne


1. Keep your face clean:

Use warm water to wash your face daily three times. Then, wash it again with soap to remove impurities and bacteria that can touch the face whether you suffer from acne or do not suffer from it.


2. Keep your face from any harm or friction:

Friction and touching the face can spread bacteria and cause irritation to the skin.


3. Do not expose your face to the sun for a long time:

The sun rays may cause redness to the skin, irritation in the pores, and adult acne. Therefore, it is advised to use sunscreen during exposure to the sun as it reduces the risk of irritation, and protects the skin for as long as possible.


4. Do not touch the acne or pimples:

Do not try to remove acne or remove their contents, because you will increase the spread of adult acne on your skin.


5. Use natural masks:

Like cabbage leaf mask, garlic mask, and chamomile mask. You can also use some known medicines such as benzoyl peroxide, rheatin, isotretinoin, and salicylic acid.

6. Medicinal herbs:

They are very effective in the treatment of acne as lavender essential oil, and camphor paper.


7. Avoid foods that cause acne:

Like sugars, tea, coffee, pickles, soft drinks, candy, ice cream, canned foods, all these foods should be avoided as much as possible to get better results and eliminate acne permanently.


Adult acne is an annoying problem as it cannot be cured easily. Thus, you should follow the previous treatments to get rid of it, and at the same time you should try to avoid the factors that lead to the problem as much as possible. By this way you will have a clear skin free from acne and pimples.

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