Tips for blackhead removal


Blackheads that appear in different areas of the skin damage your skin and spoil its beauty. The blackheads are one of the types of acne but it is not related to the period of adolescence, but may remain with you for further time. Read the article below to know some facts and tips about blackhead removal.

Follow this subject to treatment blackhead in simple ways

Some important facts about blackheads:


Before starting to look for the treatments for blackhead removal you should know some facts about blackheads in general:


1. Blackheads are hair follicles


One of the most important facts about blackheads you may not know is that they are open hair follicles. With the accumulation of dust and excess oil, this causes clogging hair follicles which results in the appearance of blackheads.


2. Blackheads may not always be black


Not all blackheads are black in colour. Although most of them are dark, they may sometimes appear to be yellow or pale colour.

blackhead removal
blackhead removal

3 . Blackheads turn into blisters later


Many experts emphasize the need for blackhead removal quickly so they do not turn into blisters. The blisters occur as a result of clogged pores, which mean that if the blackheads appear, the chance of clogging pores increases.


4 . Blackheads appear as a result of excess oil on the skin


The skin cells produce an amount of natural oils regularly which is called sebum, but if you have an oily skin, you are more liable to suffer from blackheads. Therefore, oily skin needs more care to avoid blackheads.


5. Blackheads may reappear again after removing them


If not properly treated, blackheads may reappear after blackhead removal. Nose strips are one of the best ways to get rid of blackheads effectively, but they must be followed by using a good cleanser for the skin. Also, you should use a moisturizer while using nose strips in order to maintain the purity of the skin and the pores of the skin. Moreover, they help in preventing the skin from forming blackheads again.


6. There are many treatments for blackhead removal


Fortunately, there are many effective treatments for getting rid of blackheads. This includes medical products and natural mixtures as well. Baking soda is one of the best methods recommended by experts for blackhead removal. Also you may use a suitable skin exfoliator to clean the pores and to open hair follicles. Moreover, there are some lotions and cleansers that are specially designed for treating blackheads.

blackhead removal
blackhead removal

7 . Blackheads should be dealt with gently


To avoid blackheads appearing again after blackhead removal, follow the appropriate skin care routine and handle it gently. Do not rub the skin violently, so that the skin does not get damaged and you will avoid appearance of dark spots. Always choose a gentle product for the skin to keep it healthy and to avoid pimples.


Causes for the appearance of blackheads:


You should know the causes for the appearance of blackheads so that you will know how to treat them correctly:


Oily skin, which is more prone to blocked pores due to increased fat secretion.


Pores ​​obstruction due to using cosmetics, or increasing the use of oily products on the skin, or not taking care of cleaning and exfoliating the skin.


Hormonal changes that may increase the secretion of oils, and tension that causes the same effect.


How do you get rid of blackheads?


There are many tips and instructions for blackhead removal that will help you to get rid of them completely:


First, by gentle and regular skin exfoliating that helps to clean the pores and to remove excess oils from the skin. Exfoliating products are available in pharmacies and you need a gentle product so that it does not cause skin inflammation.


Use blackhead removal strips that are available in pharmacies. They clean the skin and remove blackheads.


Use products that contain vitamin A that help to quickly remove dead cells from the skin.


Go to a specialist to know the best way to remove blackheads and skin care.

blackhead removal
blackhead removal

How to avoid the appearance of blackheads?


After blackhead removal the blackheads may reappear again. Thus, you should try to keep away the oils from your face. Choose facial cleaning products that are completely oil free. You should keep your hair away from your face as much as possible. You can brush your hair back so that the oils and dust do not move from your hair to your skin, especially on hot days and during exercise. Most hair care products contain big amount of oils.


Clean the skin daily. Dermatologists advise to clean the skin twice a day using a mild soap that does not contain strong detergents. You should also remove the makeup completely at the end of the day using a delicate exfoliator which does not contain any oils.


Do not touch the skin constantly. Putting your hands down on your face or touching your face with your fingers will increase the spreading of bacteria on your skin. The same is true for things that can touch your face, such as the phone, head helmets or tight clothes that touch the skin when you try to wear them.


Avoid strong skin scrubs. The use of skin scrubs in abundance and especially the strong types of them lead to increased breakage of skin cells, causing clogged pores and increasing the formation of blackheads.


Some effective recipes that help in blackhead removal:


1. Vinegar and starch:


Mix a little starch until you get a thick mixture. Apply the mixture on the areas of blackheads and then leave until it completely dry. Next, rub your skin and you will find that the blackheads are gone immediately.


2. Coconut and sugar:


Mix coconut water with some sugar until you get a thick mixture. Then, rub the areas with blackheads and you will find that the skin has become clearer.


3. Sugar and lemon:


An excellent recipe for blackhead removal and for purifying the skin in general as it removes the toxins and helps to brighten the skin.  Bring half a glass of sugar, ten drops of lemon oil or half of a fresh lemon, a glass of olive oil, Jojoba oil and almond oil. Mix all the ingredients well and then apply the mixture on the skin in circular movements. Last, wash your skin with lukewarm water. Note that you can use this recipe on the whole body as well.

blackhead removal
blackhead removal

For blackhead removal in a safe way try to use one of the previous mixtures. In addition, you should try to avoid the factors that lead to the appearance of blackheads in order to get rid of this problem completely and pe

Follow this subject to treatment blackhead in simple ways

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