13 causes that lead to the appearance of acne


About causes of acne

There are some habits that we practice during the day without the familiar, but it may cause damage to the skin without the awareness of us.Says Annette King, director of the International Institute of the skin, born persons with acne prone skin with more skin cells to four or five times more than the average person, and with the secretion of skin oils more than the average person as well. Due to a combination of all the factors affecting the skin skin is exposed to the problem of acne annoying. There are also some daily habits practiced during the daily routine of skin care help acne. appearance of acne

causes of lead to the appearance of acne
causes of lead to the appearance of acne

After a long search, a number of dermatology experts to provide a comprehensive list of some harmful skin habits.

They also gave some tips to overcome such habits appearance of acne

1. The use of certain types of make-up that cause skin irritation

Some of the components used in the make-up Defensive tools from the sun causes skin irritation which helps dramatically acne. This does not mean that we stop the use of Defensive from the sun or make-up on the skin, but we have to choose such products carefully, taking into account also read the labels on the product before you buy it. Annette King says that he must avoid those products that contain ingredients that cause acne include.

2. Industrial colors 

Avoid products bearing the FD & C components within a phrase, it means that this product contains industrial colors, these products can cause irritation of the skin. And found in some types of lipstick red or ruddy cheeks.

3. Lanolin

A term that means the use of sheep fat in this product, it may be beneficial for dry skin but does not fit with prone to acne skin.

4. Mineral oil or petroleum

That would be oils thick layer on the skin, causing the accumulation of bacteria and layers of dead skin and contributes to acne dramatically. It also works on the appearance of white fine lines on the skin.

5. Isopropyl Myristate

These products may help obtain non-greasy texture of the epidermis but works to fill the pores and skin irritation

6. Industrial fragrances

Cause irritation of the skin and acne.
Choose fragrance-free products as much as possible.

More habits caused appearance of acne

7. Frequent washing of the skin

The frequent washing of the skin and get rid of all oils and moisturizers on the face is the shortest path to the irritation of the skin. While some believe it is a good idea to get rid of excess oils and fats in oily skin using a powerful Lubricants and soap and toner that contains alcohol, but that is a common mistake.

The elimination of all oils content within oily skin helps to stimulate the production of oils to offset the level of fat on the skin. But experts advise moisten the skin gently with the use of a dedicated lotion for skin prone to acne, then use a toner for the skin afterwards.

Other habits cause the appearance of acne

8. Touching the skin continuously

Help touching acne fingers to infect other areas of the face. The constant pressure on the face using a mobile phone helps the appearance of acne as well. These involuntary movements not only help the accumulation of bacteria on the skin, but also cause acne on the skin.

So must avoid contact with the skin to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, also can use the handset to hold telephone talks to avoid mobile phone contact with the skin. We can not, then at least should pay attention to the good cleaning of the things that touch the face with constant washing of the hands, to reduce the transmission of bacterial skin infection.

9. Stress and Pressure nervous

Nervous tension and a constant sense of tension increase the chances of heart disease and various digestive problems and helps to accelerate the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Not only that, it also works on the growth of hormones within the body that cause the appearance of acne. Therefore, it is necessary to relax while avoiding stress.

10. Clothes and soiled upholstery

Dirty pillows bags contain bacteria that can harm public health as well as expose the skin to infection and the appearance of acne. The skin is exposed to contact with the pillows for long hours during sleep, although not completely clean it contains some dead skin cells and is an environment suitable for the growth of bacteria. Also, towels that are used on the skin, may contain many germs and fungi, if not completely clean will work to infect the skin.

Many experts are advised to change bags of pillows once or twice a week with a clean towel every day. The use of fabric softeners that contain some animal fat causes damage to the skin. Also, many Candida and clothing softeners contain some odors that may cause skin irritation.

Products that cause the appearance of acne

11. Hair Care Products

Some people may not feel that there are common links between hair care products and acne, but this is not true. Hair follicles always touch the skin of the face. In addition, all these products are transferred to the pillow during sleep.

Some of these products are used to care for hair as some oils work to fill the pores of the skin. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid touching the hair follicles of the skin with the work of some hair extensions that raise the hair away from the face.

12. Lack of interest of cleaning brushes makeup

Some make sure the ingredients used in makeup tools to avoid causing the appearance of acne, also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of brushes and sponges and other tools used in the make-up is an ideal environment for the accumulation of bacteria and transmission of infection.

13. Spray perfumes directly on the skin

Perfumes help to irritate and reden the skin when sprayed directly on the skin. So avoid exposing the facial skin to spray perfume. Alternatively the perfume can be sprayed on the wrists, and then the fragrance is painted on the neck afterwards. The use of various industrial fragrance-free products such as lotion and bathing means is also considered.

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