Professional teeth whitening cost


Professional teeth whitening cost

A lot of people suffer from the problem of dental discoloration in different degrees. Even for those who always visit the dentist and take care of their teeth by flossing and brushing, they also will suffer from discoloration of the teeth eventually. Fortunately, there is an effective way for whitening the teeth and getting rid of stains which called professional teeth whitening. It will help you to get the beautiful and white smile that you want to achieve.

Whitening teeth options:

Nowadays, there are many whitening options than ever before. Although there are many over-the-counter products that anyone can choose from, but the professional teeth whitening is safer and can give better results. You can get either in-office or at-home treatment options from reputable, trusted manufacturers.

The results and side effects of professional teeth whitening:

The result of teeth whitening is not the same for everyone as it varies depending on the dental health and the treatment that the person choose. However, the majority of the people who got professional teeth whitening are satisfied by the results. As for the side effects for the treatment, they mild and rare. After whitening of your teeth, you could enjoy a better smile and great self confidence as a result.


Professional teeth whitening is suitable for a wide range of people because it is a low-risk procedure. The candidates who can receive this treatment are those who have mild to moderate discoloration, and they want to achieve a bright smile. However, there are some factors that may prevent good candidates for having the treatment. These are:

– Patients who have on the front facing teeth (such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns, or dental bonding) fabrications or restorations. The reason is that restorative material does not respond to bleaching treatments. The solution for this problem is replacing the restorations by another crowns or veneers that can match the color of the whitened teeth.

– Patients who suffer from severe sensitivity or worn enamel, whitening can worsen their conditions. Also, patients with bruxism or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) whitening may exacerbate their conditions. These two kind of patients are the best candidates for in-office whitening if they are looking forward to lighten their smiles.


– Patients with intrinsic stains, which are gray discolorations, white spots on the teeth, or discoloration that results from a dead tooth. These stains have a great effect on the underlying layers of the tooth. Actually, teeth whitening is most effective on the stains that affect the external enamel and not the internal. However, new KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching™ can be effective on the external or internal stains.


Professional teeth whitening cost:

The cost for teeth whitening is varied according to the type of whitening that the patient choose, the dentist himself, the duration for the treatment, and other elements.

Average Costs:

Over-the-counter treatments

If you want to calculate the cost for the whitening treatment you should bear in mind that the type of whitening is the biggest factor that affect the cost. Generally speaking, over-the-counter treatments range from $5 to $50. This kind of treatment is the least expensive and the least effective one. Moreover, the cheap products contain dangerously high levels of peroxide.

Take- home treatments

As for take- home treatments, they cost about $200 to $400 in general. The final cost will include the cost of the gel and trays used for whitening. In addition, in case of needing a longer treatment, the cost will be higher.

In-office whitening

It needs between $300 to $1000. The full sum depends on how many sessions you undergo and whether you choose a more advanced treatment, like laser treatment.


Teeth whitening is an optional procedure and you are not obliged to as it is not necessary for the dental health. However, there are different whitening options that can help you if you would like to have professional teeth whitening.

In-office Financing

There are many in-house repayment plans afforded by dentists. You can pay for the full cost of the procedure in a few months. What is more is that dentists there are many offers and promotions that you can enjoy. For example, some practitioners will offer free touch-up treatments or discounts if you pay in full before starting treatment.

However, you should beware the numerous discounts offered by some dentists. It may be a sign that shows the incompetence of these dentists. Instead, try to choose experienced dentist to guarantee the safety of whitening.

Third-Party Financing

Some patients have third-party financing for their whitening through a bank or any lender. Also, there are medical financing companies like Compassionate Finance® that give cosmetic dentistry loans. These companies can give you fixed, low, and even no-interest repayment plans accompanied by approved credit. You can ask the administrative team at your dentists’ office for help to find a lender that is suitable for you. You can also get their help with any required paperwork.

Is professional teeth whitening worth it for you?

When you visit the dentist, you will be able to choose the suitable method that is compatible with your financial potential and your preferences. If you want an effective method that give you a fast result, then you could choose professional in-office whitening. On the other hand, if you suffer from sensitive teeth, the dentist may give you home treatment with a custom-fitted whitening tray, which contains a less concentration of whitening materials than in-office treatment. Moreover, there are many affordable, safe OTC products available in your local suitable store. In addition, there are whitening toothpastes like Colgate® Optic White® Express White are also effective in removing stains but they need time to show results.

As have been mentioned before that professional teeth whitening cost varies according to the patient and the dentist. Thus, everyone can decide the suitable method for him according to his budget and teeth condition in order to get the most beautiful smile ever.

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