Pictures of huge dogs that still think they are little puppies!

Who doesn’t like puppies, they are small, cute, and just sooo adorable that you always want them, but like every other living creature, they grow older, stronger and bigger, alot bigger. At first they are pretty small for you to carry, a few months later they seem to be the ones that could carry you! But the reality is…they wouldn’t carry you! They will always keep the habit of crawling into your lap and act as if they are a small light pillow, Which they are not! However this doesn’t make them any less adorable.

Look at these adorable huge fellows… 


#1 The Best Lap Dog


#2 She Firmly Believes She’s A Lap Dog…


#3 He Loves Giving Kisses To His Momma  ?


#4 I Will Not Be Ignored.


#5  Mine


#6 he are heavier than me ?


#7 little Man’s Best Friend 


#8 Monsters ?


#9 Cute

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