Man Moving Into A New House Finds A Dog Left Behind In The Basement, And The Dog’s Reaction Says It All


We all are human, we all have flaws but the most blessed one is the person who knows his flaws and correct it right, depends what’s right mean to each of us.

But there’s just some stuff that we all agree its right or not right like this topic for example.
Our story today happened to just prove to how far some from us has reach from none sense and none care , even for creatures have no tongue to talk to you and tell you what do they need .

As a matter of fact, have you ever felt any incomplete while you moving from your apartment? Like you have missed something? Left someone behind?

I just bought a house and there is a pit bull chained up in the basement. Actually I wasn’t even sure for how long she was there. But it seemed like she been there for a while. It been left like she was nothing to the old owner! An animal, have no tongue to tell her needs… have no way to tell us what does she feel about being chained there without any food or water for a time I had no clue about it . a wonderful pup with so much love to give if her old owner even cared .

When we opened the door to the basement and shined our flashlight down, we saw a wagging tail,” Natalie Thomson, the group’s communications director.
She was nearly choking herself as she was so excited to see us. When we freed her, she couldn’t stop jumping up and down and giving hugs.

Well, I know now some from you will think about it like “problem solved and she is happy now”
But the real question around here is … “How to some people to leave a life behind them like it’s nothing? A beautiful pup like this one has no way to survive, and completely counting on you to survive! To feed, drink, stay clean.

That journey she had, that life that she had to pass alone, was more than enough to make her earn the name of ‘Jumping Bean.’ For a dog that has gone through the traumatic experience of being abandoned and left to die, Jumping Bean has a remarkable spirit. “Her personality is completely adorable,” Thomson said. “She loves everyone she meets and craves attention. She makes sure she is not ignored! She’s an energetic and very affectionate pup! She is so happy all the time.”

All what I am asking for is to think very well about some lives, some lives spending their life time just trying to make us happier, smiling, some lives which will be ruined when they see you sick, sad, will defend you by their own souls if they have to if they saw any thing threaten you! I think this situation needed a stand to look and imagine each of all of us instead of her; would she do the same to us?
In the end “Jumping Bean” is happy now. But there’s many more like her.
I have made my stand, what about you? And you!

We have to not let life make us just ferocious. Sometimes we have to be just humans, by what this entire word means, Thanks for bear with me.

“Jumping Bean” chained in the basement of the new house!

She been left behind with nothing but a load of garbage and other stuff

With time of the essence, volunteers rushed to the scene to rescue the poor abandoned pup

Her exuberant personality and the sheer joy she showed at being rescued earned her the name ‘Jumping Bean’

Check out the video below to see the adorable dog’s reaction to her emotional rescue


Here’s how people reacted

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