The Causes Acne and treatments


The causes Acne

The Causes Acne

The Causes of Acne
The Causes  Acne

the causes Acne

Acne is one of many problems that afflict the skin in very common cases. It occures often by hormonal changes in adolescence that Boys & Girls go through. It is possible to be encountered by people of differnt ages as well, however, it is pervasive among nearly 80% of adolescents, so naturally, it is common during the period of growth.
People usually suffer from acne in the ages between 16-18 for women and between 18-19 for men, and usually skin heals on its own  in late teens or early twenties for men, and it could take a littel longer than that for women.  The Causes Acne

Acne appears differently from one person to another, there are some people that suffer a mild degree of acne scattered with white or pimple remover tool , but for some others it could be worse, acne could be sprinkled on the skin frequently and digging an ugly scene in the skin. The Causes Acne

Acne belongs to a group of skin diseases, which consists of oil glands in the hair follicles Center
There are no fatal dangers in such disease, however, it distorts the skin and sometimes leaves scars after treatment/healing.

About Causes of Acne

About Causes of Acne
About Causes of Acne

The Causes Acne

During adolescence it appears because of the increase of androgen hormones which increases the rate of skin oils and cause acne.
● Acne appears in its worst state with hormonal changes in the days that precede menstruation in women, and also suffered by women during pregnancy or through the use of pills contraceptives containing the female hormone “estrogen” that causes acne and hormone progesterone, which increases them, during menopause for 5% of women.


1. Taking certain medications and drugs especially (Cortizone) can cause acne and could also cause skin allergic reactions .
2. Stroids of muscles used by bodybuilders makes the skin a fertile olace for acne.

3. The use of oil containing creams and cosmetics.
4. The medicine of the “phenytoin” which is used for cases of epilepsy.
5. The use “Rifampicines” used in medicines for tuberculosis patients may cause acne.
6. Taking vitamin B12 for anemia patients.
7. The use of lithium, which is used as a treatment for mental disorders.
8. Exposure to chemicals, industrial materials and oils may cause acne.
9. High-temperature in humid environment is a main reason for the appearance and increase of acne.
10. Eating certain foods that contain much fats cause acne.

We shall ,once again, ask ourselves “The Causes Acne

The answer is
Acne begins when fats and dead skin plug pores of the skin. If bacteria entered the pores, the result may be swelling, redness and pus.
For most people, acne begins in adolescence. This is because hormonal changes make the skin more greasy after the start of puberty.
Acne is not fully caused by eating chocolate or fatty foods, it is just a contributing factor. But it could be worse by using oily products that clog the pores of your skin.
Acne can be transmitted in the family. If one of the parents suffered severe acne, the chances of infection increase.

The Causes Acne

There are 3 types of reasons may help acne please avoid them:

1-  Surplus production of sebum (tallow).

2-  Exiatance of dead skin cells.

3- The accumulation of germs and bacteria.

4 – The Causes Acne

Acne appears when clogging the pores of the hair follicles with fatty basarp and dead cells. Each bulb is connected milky gland. This gland produces a fatty substance called sebum (sebum), its mission is the lubrication of hair and skin. Sebum normally travels along the hair shafts and through the openings of hair follicles on the skin surface. So, Succulents Milkiness move out along the hair canal until it reaches the surface of the skin. When the body produces excess amount of milky sap and dead skin cells, all these accumulate in the hair follicles to form a blockage, this blockage can cause swelling in the wall of the hair follicles, leading to the formation of white head. That blockage makes its way to the outside surface of the skin and has a black color which is finally a black head.

Pimples are red spots protruding from the skin surface, and white in the center, made up as a result of the pollution of the blockage mentioned in the capillary channels, and inflammation. Blockages and infections that are deeper in the hair follicles causing the formation of swellings under the skin referred called cysts (Cyst). Other pores in the skin, which is the sweat glands slots,mostly do not contribute to acne,
Contrary to what is customary, food has a minimal impact on acne, as it appears as a result of pollution. In addition, the Overload itchiness of the skin and over-cleanting skin with chemicals may increase the development of pimples.

The Causes Acne

Acne appears heavily on the face, neck, back and shoulders

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