How much is it to bleach your teeth


All of us dream about Having a beautiful smile but as we know this smile surly need to white and attractive teeth, so we all want to know the answer of this question ( how much is it to bleach our teeth. Okay, Don’t worry about that (_Hdubeauty ) will tell you about natural way and some advices to have a beautiful teeth with attractive smile  How much is it to bleach your teeth

1- Olive Oil 

It is one of the best ways to bleach your teeth just wet the cotton and put some Olive oil on it then rub your teeth for a few minutes. You will notice the difference because the oil olive strength the gum and prevent the ulemorrhagia.

2- the mint 

The mint contain the natural oil have ability on bleaching the teeth and get rid of the bad breath, just put a piece of chop mint on your toothbrush and clean your teeth daily, then you will see the difference.
The Peel of orange.
Save your Orange peel and you can bleach your teeth just, Rub your teeth by using it, then wash your mouth by cold water.

3- Banana peel

Don’t have any orange peel ?Okay don’t worry. Use banana peel contains many factors that have ability to bleach the teeth all you do, rub your teeth by using the banana peel for about 5 munities. Wash your teeth by using toothpaste, repeat this action twice weekly and You will see the difference.

4- curcuma

After your finish cleaning your teeth, put the curcuma on the toothbrush gurgle the water. Do that 3 time everyday, and You will see the difference.

5- coal

You can use it by mixing the coal and some lemon, rub your teeth daily and wash your teeth by toothpaste.

How much is it to bleach your teeth

6- Strawberry

This delicious fruit contains on some kind of natural yeasts which bleach the teeth effectively and prevent teeth colour, all you do take a piece of it, put it on your teeth by using your toothbrush then wash your teeth.

7-  salt

You can use it to strength your teeth and get rid of the stains, just put salt on your toothbrush, put a little water on toothpaste, rub your teeth well and do this way weekly and you will see the difference.

8- Lemon juice and Sodium carbonate

Mix some of sodium carbonate and some of lemon juice, rub your teeth well, put some of sodium carbonate, repeat that every 3 days and you will have a clean and white teeth.
( but don’t leave the lemon on your teeth a lot of time because it causes weakness in enamel teeth).

9- carrots

The carrot can be a natural toothpaste and you can get rid of the stains just by eating the carrots.

10-wine and cheese . 

Yes, Don’t be surprised.
A bit of cheese before you drink a wine it can help you to prevent the stains of the wine, it creates as a covering over your teeth. To be more careful don’t exaggerates in drinking wine. How much is it to bleach your teeth

Not only that but also there are many advices you have to know to have a white teeth and to stop asking how much is it to bleach your teeth.

1- you should to clean your teeth twice daily.

It’s said that you should clean your teeth after eating mail but studies prove that it’s enough to clean your teeth twice every day.
2- you should use floss daily.
Many people know that the floss have important role to clean your teeth. If you don’t use the floss you will find the stains between your teeth.
3 you should use mouthwash.
The mouthwash is very important to clean your teeth because it contains on fluoride which help to prevent the bacterium. we shouldn’t forget the tongue, larynx and the gum because there are many bacterium in our mouth beside the teeth so the mouthwash is used to prevent it.

4-you should avoid Soda water and acid drinking.
As we know that this is drinking have a high level of glycemic which leads to erosion the enamel of the teeth, so try to avoid the drinking or try to reduce it at least. If you can do that, you can drink water with it to reduce the impact.

5-You should visit the dentist every 6 months.
It’s very good for any one to visit dentist regularly to solve any problems with his teeth or to bleach the teeth in a good way, then he will have a clean mouth.
6- you should put orthodontist

if you need to put orthodontics on your teeth remember if you put it quickly, you will remove it quickly.   How much is it to bleach your teeth
7- you should give up smoking.
Although the smoking costs us much many it else costs us our life and our appearance because it lead to juvenile periodontist.

8- you should use suitable toothbrush.
As all of us know that there are 2 sort of toothbrush (electrical and common)
We will talk about both of them to know the difference and try to choose well.

How much is it to bleach your teeth

1 – Electrical toothbrushes.
It helps you to remove the stains quickly and without efforts but it always needs to charge and need to electrical power but if you asked yourself how much it, you should know it’s not cheap for many of us.
2- common toothbrush.
It needs to efforts to have a good results it doesn’t need to charge and it works without electrical power. Without asking yourself how much it is, we all know it’s very cheap for all of us.

There are many easy way to bleach your teeth without worrying about asking yourself how much it is. and if you want another advices or another way, keep looking and you will find the best thing for you.

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