Blackhead removal techniques




Blackheads are aesthetic problem experienced by many girls and women, which often cause for them anxiety and embarrassment. They usually appear because of the accumulation of oils on the skin cells which use these cells as safe place to accumulate. These blackheads appear more in the areas of the forehead and nose. Here are some blackhead removal techniques for getting rid of this problem.


Chemical treatments

1- Use the pore cleaning strips


It is made of cotton and in the front of it there is a material which sticks on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and then take it off strongly to get out blackheads This is from the immediate blackhead removal techniques, but it must be followed by one of the natural methods to ensure that the effect lasts for as long as possible.


2. Use face exfoliator

As all types of gel contain salicylic acid, which works to remove the dead skin cells and clean the pores, you can buy it from any pharmacy, then apply it on your face and leave it sometime and then wash it with warm water.


3. Medical instruments


This method is especially for the health centers for face and skin, where the use of a brush and some chemicals. You should visit these centers regularly to take the sessions in order to get a satisfactory result.


4. Use retinoid cleanser


One of the best blackhead removal techniques as retinoids contains a high proportion of vitamin A, which helps to improve skin growth. Use it 2-3 times a week, along with your usual method for cleaning your skin until you get rid of blackheads.


5. Ready-made detergent


If you are afraid to make your own skin cleanser, you can use some ready-made detergents. But before you should consult skin care experts and choose the most appropriate one for your skin type.


Avoid skin damage

1. Do not remove the blackheads by your hand


As this leads to increased bacteria and impurities in the pores. Thus, you should avoid removing them by your hand.

2. Avoid using blackheads instruments




These tools are available in some stores now and they are harmful because they damage your skin and increase the percentage of bacteria and clog pores. It is better to use cleaning and exfoliating.




3. Avoid using harsh exfoliating


Exfoliating is one of the most important blackhead removal techniques. However, if your skin is a sensitive type, do not use strong exfoliating as it leads to skin irritation and inflammation. Thus, you should use gentle exfoliator in this case.


4. Wash your face twice a day


Blackheads appear mainly as a result of leaving the skin without cleaning, so make sure to wash your face continuously in the morning and once in the evening.


5. Clean the pillow


Some of the skin cells and oils that are produced by your face fall onto the pillow, so try to wash the pillow at least once a week to remove these deposits and to ensure that the pores do not clog and to avoid the appearance of blackheads when sleeping on it.


6 . Do not touch your face


As touching the face causes the transmission of bacteria stuck in your hands to your face, because the hand is always the most contaminated part of the body and is one of the most important reasons for the appearance of blackheads. So, try as much as possible not to touch your face with your hand only when needed.


Strips as one of the best blackhead removal techniques



It is one of the most famous types of nasal strips found in all pharmacies and is available in different types and additives. It helps to remove blackheads around the nose and helps to stop the secretion of nasal oils. Also, available from the same company other types of strips for the chin and the forehead, which helps to clean the skin from any impurities. The method of using it is easy by sticking it on the nose and letting it for 15 minutes and then slowly removing it. Then, the nose should be moisturized as usual.



Nivea is a world-renowned company offering the best skin care products. Among these products are nasal blackheads strips to remove blackheads. They help to remove blackheads and to remove dirt that attaches to the nose. It is advisable to use Nivea strips twice a week and you will get rid of any impurities or dirt on the nose completely.




It is a known type of nose strips that is used in tool for removing blackheads. It can be used in daily nose care programs to get a nose completely free of any blackheads, blisters or impurities. All you have to do is putting these stickers on your nose for 20 minutes and then remove them slowly so as not to cause any wounds. It can be used for both men and women without any fear.


Ponds is a leading brand in the world of beauty and skin care products. It produces the most suitable nose patches to get rid of blackheads, pimples and impurities. The company is also specialized in making strips for the chin. The use of blackheads strips is very easy. Apply it on your nose after wetting it with water. Then leave it to dry for 15 minutes before removing it.




This type of nose strips is very suitable for all types of skin and can be used without any fear. It removes blackheads and removes dirt and impurities around the nose while at the same time helps to reduce oils. It is one of the easiest blackhead removal techniques. You can use it easily by cleaning the nose first, and then put the strip around the nose and leave for a 15 minutes until it dry. After that, remove it slowly to get rid of blackheads and pimples.




It is one of the most famous nasal strips in the Gulf, where it is considered one of the most important Gulf products responsible for cleaning the nose from any impurities. It is very suitable for removing pimples and blackheads, so it is recommended to use them, they are easy to use and their result is immediate and you can notice it from the first use.




These stripes are one of the most famous Thai brands available in the market. The nose is completely free from any impurities by using these strips. The method of its use is easy. First, clean the nose and wet it with warm water. Put the nasal strip for 15 minutes and remove it in the reverse direction. Then, wash the nose and dry it slowly so as not to cause any sensitivity or irritation for the skin.




This type of nasal patches is one of the most popular types in the Saudi market. It contains a green tea extract used to remove dirt and oils from the nose and is also used in removing blackheads as well. It is used by moistening the nose with water and then put the strip on the nose and leave it to dry for 15 minutes and then remove it quietly until you remove all that is accumulated of oils and black blisters.


You should use any of the blackhead removal techniques in order to get rid of blackheads completely as they affect the beauty of the skin. Thus, it’s better to consult an aesthetic expert or to visit a beauty center in order to get the proper treatment and care for your skin.

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