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causes acne

Discussion about the causes acne in the nose

The grains appear due to disruption in hair follicles, and sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands produce oils known as sebum that cause the appearance of hair follicles on the surface of the skin. Hair follicles may be clogged, causing the development of follicles to develop in pimples that may rupture into lesions. There is an acne home remedy strategy by reducing excess oils that keep the follicles clogged.

Removing pimples from the nose is a difficult and arduous task. It is usually the result of inflammation of the hair follicles that cause hair follicles in the gills. This often occurs as a result of bacterial imbalance, which can cause a number of these factors.

Areas where acne appears

Many of us suffer from the appearance of acne and even after going beyond adolescence may notice the emergence of some acne on your face but many do not know why the emergence of young Acne on the skin Some link the emergence of acne at the age of some of the linking of acne skin type, but with this study will change Acne is a method used by your skin to talk to you. It is not only a way to express the condition of the skin, but it reflects the condition of every member of your body. The study created a map called “Map of Acne” and the study showed that the place of appearance Acne in the skin All of the problems experienced by a member of the body and this is the map of acne as shown by the study, where the study divided the skin of the face to 14 different areas and each of these areas show the pills of youth given a specific message These messages are from a different member of the body and these areas . causes acne in the nose

Region 1 and 3 (the appearance of the young beans in the forehead), the region of the digestive system and bladder: In this case should be concerned with the intake of water and fluids and also attention to the quality of food.

Region 2 (appearance of youth pills between the eyebrows), which is the region of the liver: You may be taking medications affecting the liver and the same fatty meals have a factor.

Zone 4 and 10 (the appearance of acne in the ear), a special zone kidney:it must increase the amount of water you drink and stop the proportion of caffeine (tea – coffee).. Area 5 and 9 (appearance of young beans in the cheeks), which is the region of the respiratory system: it must stop smoking as well as may appear acne in this area as a result of infection with chest sensitivity or influenza and colds.

Region No. 6 and 8 (the appearance of acne in the eye area), an area that indicates dehydration body: Take care of eating juices and sugars

Region No. 7 (the appearance of acne in the nose), a special heart region: the appearance of acne may mean in the nose evidence of high blood pressure.

Region No. 12 (the appearance of acne on the chin), a special zone stomach: In this case, should pay attention to eating fiber, fruits and vegetables is also advised to eat yogurt before bedtime to improve food digestion process.  causes acne in the nose

Region No. 11 and 13 (the appearance of acne chin next to me): a special zone hormone: The emergence of young grains in this region means that a defect in the body’s hormones

Region No. 14 (the appearance of acne in the neck), a proof of the injury body disease: This is evidence of the body’s resistance to a particular microbe injury.  causes acne in the nose

There are many reasons why the appearance of acne in the nose

Excessive use of antibiotics causes acne in the nose

Using too much antibiotics may kill good bacteria in the nose.
Long-term use of acne drugs can also cause hair follicles and cause infections around hair follicles. Antibiotics can lead to the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the nose. In most cases, taking antibiotics to stop the infection is stopped. causes acne in the nose

1 – Dermatitis


Inflammation of acne through redness and swelling to be a sign of dermatitis, the sensitivity caused by Touch with a particular substance, so warns against the use of chemicals and solvents in cosmetics, perfumes, rubber and rubber products that may cause allergies. The appearance of pimples on the tip of the nose can be a result of dysfunction of the digestive system. While appearing on the skin it lacks important nutrients. causes acne in the nose


2 – Hair removal

Remove the hair from the nose
Remove the hair from the nose

if scissors are used to trim the hair in the nose, it can lead to the presence of small jokes. Hair follicles can also grow and prevent pores. This frenzy of the skin causing pimples. To treat these pimples, they must be removed by a surgeon.   causes acne in the nose








3 – Environmental irritants

Environmental irritants
Environmental irritants

There are a lot of chemical irritants and dust in the air, which facilitates absorption of cells on the lining of the nose and causes the formation of pimples after hours of exposure of these irritants.



You can also know the faster treatment methods of the subject   Acne Treatment

How to get rid of acne on your nose and blackhead remover tool

Lemon juice    Lemon juice can be applied to pimples. Lemon is a citrus that helps to clean and dry the grain, making it less distinctive. You will need to leave the juice at least in fifteen minutes before you can wash your nose.

Snow    There is an effective treatment in a bag of ice in the place of acne in the nose. Which reduces inflammation and swelling of the grain, while reducing the size of the grain to make it less obvious. 

Apple cider vinegar   Apply only one drop, then wash after about fifteen minutes. causes acne in the nose


Studies and research

American studies have shown that massage acne scars with honey is an effective remedy for getting healthy skin. Honey is a natural disinfectant that helps treat acne. Research has also shown that cinnamon is a natural remedy for acne and pimples. These spices have anti-microbial properties that fight for zits and help to give your skin a healthy glow. Application of a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder to cereals is an effective treatment. causes acne in the nose


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