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There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting until your 20s to have the clear skin you dream of, and then knowing the bad news that the problem of acne may continue with you during your adulthood. We should inform you that you are not the only one to suffer from this problem. It’s a common problem for the both sexes and during all ages. Here are some of the main cause for adult acne as well as some of the best acne treatment for adults.

Causes for adult acne:

1- Hormonal changes

It is the main cause for the appearance of adult acne. For example, the hormonal changes that happen during the menstrual cycle. Also, the male hormone, which is called testosterone, is one of the causes for the appearance of acne on the chin, neck and back.

2- Stress

Stress is one of the factors that lead to hormonal changes. Most people are liable to high levels of stress whether they are having full-time job or not. When someone is under stress, the adrenal gland excretes the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone enters the body helping it to deal with stress and endure it. Unfortunately, a little of the testosterone infiltrates in the body. This hormone has a bad effect on women making the oil glands produce more oils.

3- Pollution:

Pollution damages your skin and causes adult acne. When you go out for only 30 minutes, try to wipe your face with face wipe or a toner pad, and notice the colour of this wipe or pad. You will be stunned with what you will see.

4- Wrong skin care products

Sometimes you are using wrong skin care products without knowing about it resulting in many skin problems. Thus, try to choose the suitable products for your skin type. For instance, if you have an oily skin you should use oil- free products, otherwise they will clog the pores causing acne and blackhead tool .

5- Cleansing the skin frequently

You shouldn’t wash your face more than two times every day because over- washing for the skin can make acne worse. The reason is that when you wash your face many times the skin will become dry leading in producing more oils, and thus resulting in the appearance of acne and blackheads.

and you can used products for blackhead

and blackhead removal tool

6- Certain types of foods

We all know that there are certain types of foods that cause acne. These are chocolate, pizza, fried foods, nuts and caffeine. Actually, these foods are not proven to cause acne all the time, but if you notice the appearance of acne after eating any of these foods, then you should stop. However, you absolutely should avoid foods that contain iodine because these kind of foods cause acne for everyone when eaten in large quantities. Examples of the foods containing iodine are shellfish, like lobster, shrimp, crab, and some green vegetables like kelp and spinach.

7- Sugar

Another cause for the excretion of male hormones that leads to producing oils in the skin, is sugar. The reason is that sugar raises insulin rates in the body to great extent. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to low-glycemic diet.

Best acne treatment for adults

1- Try to look for these ingredients

(1) Salicylic acid:

It is called also beta-hydroxy acid. It is one of the most effective ingredients for treating adult acne. It works to exfoliate the skin gently helping in unclogging the pores. You can find it in so many OTC cleansers and acne treatments.

(2) Benzoyl proxide:

It is an effective ingredients for exfoliating the pores as well as killing the bacteria that cause acne. It is not so gentle on the skin as it may cause dryness for the skin. Thus, you should use it with a moisturizer to avoid dryness.

(3) Sulfur:

Another one of the best acne treatment for adults which make it an important ingredient in many ace masks. It also works to remove oils from the skin and has a drying effect.

(4) Glycolic:

Acid: It is an alpha- hydroxyl acid, and a very effective exfoliating ingredient that works on treating acne and wrinkles at the same while. It works to remove dead cells and to stimulate collagen as well as hyaluronic acid resulting in improving skin textures, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

(5) Retinol:

It is derived from vitamin A. This is one of the best acne treatment for adults and also is very effective as an anti-aging ingredient. The reason is that it has anti- aging properties. However, it is not suitable for sensitive skin because it may be harsh on it.


2- Exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliating is very important for fighting acne and preventing them. A cleanser that include glycolic acid will be of much help as it is soaked greatly in your skin helping in treating acne. Therefore, we advise you to use either of (Beauty Rx Advanced 10% Exfoliating Pads) or (Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum) which are from the best acne treatment for adults.

Young woman applying exfoliating gel to face, portrait, close-up

3- Have a spot treatment in hand with you

Spot treatments are very important for treating acne and pimples. You can apply it on the affected areas to help in killing the bacteria. You can use (Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Spot Gel) which is a heavy-duty treatment. Or, if you want a gentler treatment there is (Arithmetic Acne Control Complex), which has soothing components to counter the drying effect.

4- Use products for treating inflammation

Your skin always suffers from swelling and redness when having a breakout. Thus, we recommend (Groh Ergo Boost Skin Repair Treatment) for you to use. It can help to sooth irritation because of its richness in antioxidants. Moreover, its containing of ergothioneine, which is naturally found in mushrooms, make it very effective for repairing damaged skin cells.

5- Use medicines for adjusting hormonal levels

The topical treatments won’t be able to work effectively if you have hormonal problems. Thus, you should have medicines like those which cause hormonal Fluctuation as oral contraceptives and spironolactone which may be effective in preventing breakout.

6- Never try to extract cysts by yourself

Never try to extract those cysts and zits by yourself because this causes scars. So, by doing so you are making things worse because scars are more difficult to get rid of than acne. However hyper-pigmentation is different from scars. You can use either (Murad Rapid Age Spot) or (Pigment Lightening Serum) to treat pigmentation of the skin.


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