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Acne treatment

Do you suffer from acne ?

Have you heard about some recipes and tried some or all of them, but things didn’t go as expected? In the following post you’ll reach a final solution for this greasy problem, but before that you must be sure of what you want to do, you need to focus on this topic and I guarantee you’ll completely get rid of acne once and for all. This post will take around 5 minutes to read, so get a cup of fresh juice (which contributes to the treatment of acne) and keep reading: –

This post contains: –

Personal hygiene for the treatment of acne

●Home remedies for acne

●Medicines for the treatment of acne

●Some of the causes of acne


Personal hygiene for the treatment of acne

-Keep your hands away from your face
First thing you should know before starting treatment is that if you want your skin to look fresh and beautiful stop touching it! Easy start, isn’t it??

Most of us do not realize is how often we touch our faces. We are scratching our skin, or wiping our lips and wringing our ears. All this with our own hands.

Hands are the key to interact directly with the world around us. But there are lots of diseases that happen to you because of the dirtiness of your hands, that is because the outside world is very dirty of course. Sweat, dirt (not to mention bacteria and viruses) which is spread from one person to another through the use of surfaces and objects that are used frequently, such as doorknobs, handles, shop counters, public toilets, etc…

Such things contaminate your hands and you certainly touch your face many times during the day which shares every thing in your hands with your face, so try washing your hands throughout the day.

Speaking of cleanliness, let’s go for the second way: –

Wash your skin twice daily

Take only only 5 minutes in your day to wash your face deeply (but gently at the same time) is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent the escape of dirt and grease into the pores of your skin, the air outside is full of dust, cigarette smoke and exhaustion of cars stick to your skin, but do not go overboard in rubbing your skin, just rinse twice – once in the morning and once at the end of the day ..Use a clean towel, and warm water and mild soap or disinfectant. This simple methode is very effective in cleaning the skin from dust, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells.

Acne cause more acne

Are you surprised by the title of the paragraph? Yes, if you suffer from acne it is likely to that it increases. You wonder why ??

All your concern about acne treatment and negative emotional reactions will cause the appearance of more acne. Many people have said that after suffering from acne but knowing that it is a temporary issue, without bothering too much about it and following the tips mentioned in this post, the were completely cured of acne. Some behaviors such as depression, stress or nervousness cause acne outbreaks, also bad habits such as lack of exercise and lack of attention to personal hygiene contribute to the emergence or increase of acne.

Chemical reactions that occur because of the emotions that dominate us cause the emergence or contribute to the further spread of acne. That’s because when you feel frustrated or depressed produces a compound called cortisol, which completely prevents dead skin from detaching from the skin and cause clogged pores. Of course, with some dirt, dust …. So what is the result? Yes, acne!


Do not feel frustrated because you can’t control you emotions? Because the next paragraph will surely make up things for you!


Make-up and treatment of acne

When looking for the cause of acne, you should know what your make-up consists of. I mean it’s something that you put on your face on daily basis so it is only logical that you become cautious about what you use. Of course, makeup alone does not cause acne, but it certainly will not help you get rid of it. Try to always use non-oily products (mostly in the form of powder), they are easier to remove and are not absorbed by skin.  Acne treatment

Do not penetrate into the pores and cause an imbalance in the natural chemicals of your skin and possibly lead to the clogging of pores, which should be your least desirable thing.  Acne treatment

Regardless of what kind of make-up you use, you should wash your face well after returning home and not to leave makeup on your face until morning.  Acne treatment


Acne treatment with salicylic acid

The use salicylic acid  Acne treatment

Although it does not kill the bacteria and has no effect on reducing the production of sebum (or so-called skin secretions), it is possible that salicylic acid can be useful in getting rid of acne. Salicylic acid causes the skin to get rid of dead skin cells. By removing this layer of dead skin, your skin will be able to keep pores nice and resistant to blockage.




Acne treatment through lemon
Acne treatment through lemon

You can use lemon juice as a treatment for acne. Cut a lemon in half and gently rub the open side of the lemon on acne. Your face will feel the effect immediately. Lemons contain citric, which kills the bacteria that cause acne. Citric acid whitens your skin and decreases chances of skin damage caused by exposure to the sun.

Be sure to wash your face with lemon juice, and use a good moisturizer after that if you are not going out in the sun. Exposing your skin to the sun after using moisturizers is very harmful.

Get rid of acne through the snow

Get rid of acne through the snow
Get rid of acne through the snow

Use ice to close the pores and reduce inflammation. A lot of people have big pores so they can use the ice cubes to make sure they are closed and immune to outer environment.    Acne treatment

Placed gently on the acne or on the pores of your skin, ice will narrows blood vessels under the skin, which significantly reduces inflammation.

Acne treatment with antibiotics
Acne treatment with antibiotics
Acne treatment with antibiotics

Have you tried some of the medical and household recipes that do not benefit. Now you can choose antibiotics for better results. Antibiotics destroy the bacteria responsible for acne. But antibiotics will not be effective if your skin is too dirty or produces a lot of secretions and oils.

completely avoid the use of any pills or any kind of medication that could cause allergic reactions by your skin.

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