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Laser cure for acne

The treatment of acne and acne scars with laser


To do laser cure for acne, a tiny but strong laser beam is used, there are various kinds of laser cures for the treatment of acne، but the most common of them are pulsed dye, Argon, Neodymium, and Carbon Dioxide.  Laser cure for acne

The cure is done by exposing places infected with acne to laser beams that destroy external cells of skin, the intensity of laser is adjusted carefully so that it won’t affect enternal layers of skin. However there is another type that is called fractional laser which does not cause any harm to the skin.

The physician wipes the face with an anesthetic substance, then devides the face according to infected areas and the depth the laser should reach in each of them. The cure is devided into multiple sessions during which certain creams and moisturizers are used and effects of cure are checked, these effects are usually noticed after the third session, the whole process takes almost 10 session to achieve the desired treatment of acne or acne scars.

Types of acne scars:

Acne infections may leave scars thwt look like holes is the skin due to the negletion of treatment or taking too long before starting to cure it or also sever cases of acne infections.




The cure process:



Ance usually appears because of the excess secretion of fats in patient’s skin. However it could be caused by genetic reasons or because of the uncleanness of the skin. What laser does is to destroy sebaceous glands to stop skin from producing fats and thus stoping bacteria from multiplyingand causing acne.

More benefits of laser cure :

In some cases, acne leaves scars or dark spots on the skin after it is treated, sometimes leaving permanent holes dug into the skin, laser can be used to get rid of such embarrassing scars.

How it works:

Fractional laser helps skin in producing collagen which is responsible for the prevention of wrinkles and helps fill in the holes and scars left by acne.

The cure processneeds multiple sessions, 4-3 mostly. 15 days between each session and the next one.

Advantages of laser cure for acne…

● best way to get rid of acne and acne scars

● gives smooth skin

● decreases melanin which causes dark spots

● factional laser causes a littel pain and redness for 2-3 days

Disadvantages of laser cure for acne…

●  laser cures acne but could cause burns to skin.

● CO2 laser causes dry skin for 3-4 days then redness that could take 1-2 weeks to fade away due to its heating effect, however it only takes 2 sessions at most for full cure.

● full appearance of results of treatment cannot be evaluated before 3 months after the cure is done, to make sure that collagen is produced sufficiently.

● If not done by practiced experts, you might not get desired results and many skin problems could happen.

● For some people, laser cure for acne scars could be a bit expensive.

● If you do laser cure you shouldn’t go out in sun light for a period after the cure is done.

● It helps in most cases of acne scares but not the really deap ones.

Protecting skin after laser cure for acne and acne scars: 

After laser cure, skin becomes more sensitive, so you need to make sure you keep cured places clean and protected by skin cleaning products, staying away of cosmetics that contain oils or fats, and keeping away of sun exposure. You should also make sure you don’t use any kinds of cosmetics 1 days after the cure is done, or maybe longer if the doctor recommends.

Simple tips for those who suffer from acne…

Natural nutrition: eat alot of vegetables and fruits and drink alot of water, this is the best way to maintain a healthy clean skin.

No touch…no problem: don’t ever touch pimples or blackheads, it is a main reason for scars because it helps bacteria go deeper and deeper into your skin.

Make up and perfumes: the use of perfumes and cosmetics of acne could make things go bad. It increases the spread of acne and causes dark spots on the skin.

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